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Transaction details

Last update: 04.07.2022

To see how the fee is calculated when withdrawing money, click on "Details" in the "Withdrawal of money" window. This button will appear when you enter the desired withdrawal amount.

Clicking on "Details" will open your detailing. It shows how the withdrawal amount is calculated: what are the fees and what is the conversion rate if you withdraw in another currency.

What fees you will fase

There are two fees:

  1. Withdrawal fee. This is the payment method fee. It is indicated in the "About the method" tab and in the details.

  1. Fee for the use of credits. This fee appears if you have less money in the funds than you want to withdraw. In this case, the missing part of the money will be taken from loans. The fee for the use of loans is equal to the fee of the "Flexible payments" tariff.

If you don’t want to use money from loans, reduce the amount of withdrawal so that the total amount of "will be written off" is no more than the amount of your funds.

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