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Advances for creators

Last update: 27.09.2022

In the MC Pay accounts, we have implemented the ability to request aAdvance at a percentage of 9.9%. This is a standard fee, you can discuss its adjustment with your manager.

Advances are available to users:
+ with a channel connected to us
+ with the function enabled (if we suddenly turn off your Advances, we will contact you to explain the reason)

All 3 conditions above must be met simultaneously, otherwise, there will be no access to the function. Also, note that only the Main Owner of the channel can request a payout.

The procedure for issuing a Advance is as follows:

The main Owner of the channel requests a certain amount as a Advance. This happens in MC Pay, in the "Advances set-up" section.


2 Our managers review the channel and the request within 2 workdays, and then either fulfill it, or reject it with an explanation, or offer a different amount for payment. Notifications will be sent to your account, as well as to your e-mail. The offer is given 1 week to consider, in case of no response from the user, the request is rejected.

3 After approval by the Main Owner, the amount is credited to the Mediacube Pay account. With an active Advances, express payments are disabled for all channels in the account.

A user who has requested a Advance can always see the remaining amount of the Advance in the Transactions section.

5 In the future, the amount of the Advances + commission is deducted from the channel's income (taking into account the division with which the channel has connected and in the amount of 50-100% of the channel's income). One user can have more than one Active Advance.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support or your personal manager.

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