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A Company profile in MC Pay

Last update: 22.09.2022

There are 2 types of accounts in MC Pay: a personal profile and a company profile. A company in MC Pay is an account that belongs to a legal entity. 

If you are going to withdraw money to a legal entity, you need a company account. Contact your manager or technical support, and your profile will be converted into a company account, an account of a legal entity. It needs to be verified.

The first stage of verification is filling in legal data. First you need to specify the data of the director. If the profile that was converted to a company account was already in the name of the director, just check if everything is correct. If the data of another person is indicated, replace them with the full name of the director. Next, you need to specify the company's data – registration number, taxpayer number, address of registration/actual location of the organization.

The second stage is the confirmation of the registration of the company. To do this, you need to upload scans or photos of these three documents (or equivalent to them in the country of registration of your company):

1. Certificate of the state registration

2. Certificate of directors, order and (or) minutes of the meeting on the appointment of a director

3. A document that confirms the address of the company, if it is not indicated in the documents above

Scans/photos must meet the following requirements:

  • Scan or photo of the original document only (not a copy)

  • The edges of the document are clearly visible, there are no foreign objects in the frame

  • Good quality photo, no flash, and readable text

Documents are checked by our manager. If you uploaded a photo of poor quality or you need to clarify the data, the manager will leave a comment. We will send an email and a notification to your profile so that you know what the problem is and reupload the documents.

After passing the verification, you can manage your money.

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