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Studio. Personal Account + YouTube Studio

Last update: 23.05.2022

We want our partners to manage their time wisely and pleasantly, so we have combined all the tools that a creator needs in Studio. This is where you can check the channel for the possibility of cooperation with our partner network by submitting an application, and view the current contract, and monitor your transactions, and track revenue growth by the criteria and objects you are interested in (after joining!). Thus, the product offered to you combines the functions of a network partner's personal account (before that, it was just Mediacube Pay that served for this purpose, which still is a wallet where you can withdraw your funds) and analytics of the YouTube Studio and reduces the travel time through the browser tabs.


In Studio, users can have 2 roles for the channels they add: Primary Owner and Owner. Primary Owner is the one who first adds the channel to the cabinet. The only difference between these roles is that money is credited to the account of the Primary Owner; however, both Owner and Primary Owner have access to all additional services provided to the connected channel, Revenue data, raw report, the Trends tab, creating deeplinks, ordering Services, etc. The Revenue Growth tab is not available to Owner.
The Primary Owner role in Studio is not the same as the Primary Owner role in YouTube Studio.

Let us impress you even more. Read about the useful Studio features below.

Warning! Most of the features are available only after you join. Some of them are only available in limited mode.


Useful features:

  • Contract. To view and download your current contract, you should select the desired channel and click on the contract icon next to the channel's name. You can provide this document upon request (at the bank, for example).

  • The Income section displays how much money you earned and when you earned it. You can check the revenue of all your channels combined or of each of them separately, and there is also an option to choose a breakdown of revenue by videos. You can view the revenue for the entire time, for a month, for 2 weeks, or for the last week. Information about the current month is pulled up from YouTube Analytics, and the data on previous months is taken from reports. You can always see which data is final, and which is from Analytics. The data is displayed with the partner's share already deducted.


If you monetize re-uploads of your content via Content ID, you can also open a list of copies of the content and their revenue here.


FYI. Read more about what types of income are:
APP - Ad revenue Partner Provided: earnings from advertising in the content uploaded to the channel.
- Ad revenue User Generated: revenue from the ad impressions in the reuploads of the videos found by the Content ID system.
- Premium Partner Provided: revenue from the viewers who have YouTube Red or YouTube Premium subscription.
- Premium User Generated: revenue from the views of the reuploads of videos by the users with YouTube Red or YouTube Premium subscription.
- SuperChat: revenue from donations during live streams.
- SubscriPTions: revenue from paid subscriptions on the channel.
- the sum of all 6 indicators.

  • The Transactions section allows you to view daily and monthly deposits from all your connected channels and balance adjustments. Adding payment methods and withdrawing funds is still carried out in Mediacube Pay, but it's really easy to get there with the «Go to Mediacube Pay» button.

  • In Payment Settings, you can set the rate at which it is convenient for you to receive express payouts. Read more about the rates here.

  • In the Services section, we offer assistance in channel design (banners, thumbnails, footage, intros/outros), localization, audit, video optimization, setting up ads in Google Ads and ad automation, Content ID and distribution, advertising integrations, and merch creation.


    All services will be available to you only if the monthly income of your channel is $100+. If your channel has 100,000+ subscribers, the timecode service in optimization will be available to you. If your channel has 30,000+ subscribers, you can use the Distribution and Localization services.

    The request is carried out simply. You choose an available service, fill in the required fields, and the service is queued to our specialists. You can monitor the status of your request here, in Services: the Processing status means that the task has not yet been started; the In Progress status means that the task is already being performed; the Completed status means successful completion of the task; the Rejected status means that the task is not yet possible due to the reason that your manager in the network or our support will inform you of. Most often, the reason for the refusal is either that you’ve provided insufficient information to implement the service and did not get in touch later, or that the request for the service became available to you by mistake, but you cannot use it yet due to income restrictions. Also, we may reject requests and disable the services function in case of unreasonable “spam” orders (ordering many of the same services simultaneously).


    If suddenly you made a request and made a mistake there or just changed your mind - contact your manager or our support.

    In the same section, using the Ad Automation feature, you can automate the display of ads with a certain time interval on all your videos. Click the Setup Ads button, select the channel to set up, and click Setup Ads again.

    Choose advertising formats (it is better to leave them all for maximum income) and the ad display period. Save your settings.


    Our experts will receive your settings, and our system will change the current settings of all your videos to the new ones, and will also automatically set these settings for new publications. The installation/updating of settings takes place every day at 10 am.

    You can change your settings again when you revisit the tab of the channel where the ads were set up. Click Change Settings, set the desired formats and time intervals, and save. You can change the settings an unlimited number of times. If you suddenly need to urgently change the settings, send a detailed request to your manager or our support.


    You can also cancel automation at any time. Go to the tab of the channel where it's configured and click Cancel Automation. After that, ad settings are no longer added to your new videos but remain on the old ones.

    So, advertising automation is

    + increase of your income, because you can experiment with ads by displaying them more often
    + massive customization, because the display of advertising changes immediately on all the videos on the channel
    + time-saving
    + flexible management system, because at any time you can change either the period of advertising inserts, or the format of advertising or all at once

    The conditions for using
    the function are as follows:

    + available only to the main owners of channels that are connected to the network
    + in videos shorter than 8 minutes, ads are configured only at the beginning and end
    + ads can be inserted every 2 minutes 30 seconds, but if you want them more often, discuss the display time with your personal manager or support.
    + for all videos, the monetization in all countries policy is set by default

  • In Notifications, you receive important updates on income, referral payments and other accruals, debts, statuses of requested services, monthly report generation, and much more.

  • Trends, you know what to do with them. Check regularly, of course. It is the trends that suggest the hot topics for videos that are interesting to a wide audience at the moment. Both videos and channels are divided by region and sorted by popular/unpopular, likes/dislikes. You can save the videos that are particularly engaging to the Favorites tab so that you can return to them later. For users without connected channels, this section is also available, but in limited mode.

  • Deeplinks or the most convenient links ever. You can generate a beautiful and short link and post it on your social media. With the help of such a link, the viewer immediately gets to the application where he is logged in, bypassing the browser. So you can get likes, subscriptions, and comments steaming hot. By the way, deeplinks are also available to those who are not joined mediacube (but in limited mode).

  • Services only for mediacube partners that help (even advanced creators!) analyze, improve, and create content. These services include VidIQ, Epidemic Sound, and Amper Music.

YouTube Reports, where a user can request a “raw” report about the channel’s revenue that YouTube sends us (technically, there are several reports, but we unite them into one). A report can be formed only for 1 month and only for the period we have report data on. Formed reports can be downloaded by all the owners of the channel.

At the moment, there are 2 ways to join mediacube: through a referral link provided by the network manager, or through the Studio product described above. You can also get into the Studio in 2 ways:

1 via the direct link https://studio.mediacube.network

2 via the Profile tab in Mediacube Pay, selecting the app among others in quick access and providing the service with your data


Both being and not being our creator, you can cooperate with us as a recruiter, you just need to let us know that you want to. After discussing all the agreements in the Studio, you need to accept the invitation.


Then you will have the opportunity to switch to Dashboard and manage your contracts there and monitor the revenue you receive for the connected channels.


In the Contracts section, you can copy the link with the contract provided to you and send it to a potential partner for joining, or post it on your social media for more coverage of potential partners. In the Requests section, you can view the application statuses of all the channels that came through your link. For more help with recruiting and referral links, contact our support.


If you really want to join the network as a creator but have not yet submitted an application, then check out this step-by-step guide, and if there are any difficulties, contact support. Studio also has a link to the knowledge base with a description of all the main processes (Assist), and to a chat with us!


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