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How to apply to join the network

Last update: 07.12.2021

There are two ways to apply to join our partner network: applying via a referral link and applying from the Studio account.

  • Submitting an application, as well as logging in to the Studio account, involves registering with Mediacube Pay(if you don't have an Mediacube Pay account yet, it doesn't matter: registration is part of the application process, so it won't take you long).

  • Minimum requirements for channels when applying: the channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers and more than 30,000 views.

Referral Link

In this option of applying, the manager sends you a special link, clicking on which the system will guide you through the entire application process and register you in the Studio account. Here's what it looks like:

A. Clicking on the link

You click on the link that the manager sent you.


Then the system determines whether you are logged in to Mediacube Pay.

1.1. You are not logged in to Mediacube Pay


On this screen, you need to enter your email address. Depending on whether you are registered in Mediacube Pay or not, when you click on "Continue”, you will be directed to authorization or registration.

1.1.1. Registration in Mediacube Pay

Here you enter your first/last name for registration, select your country, agree to the terms of use and click on the "Log in via YouTube" button to proceed with the application (next comes the process described in clause 2.2 “You are logged in to Mediacube Pay”).


1.1.2. Logging in to Mediacube Pay

The system has determined that the user with the specified email is registered in Mediacube Pay and offers you to enter the password for your account. If the password is correct, then click on the "Log in via YouTube" button to proceed with the application (next comes the process described in section 2.2 “You are logged in to Mediacube Pay”).


1.2. You are not logged in to Mediacube Pay

1.2.1. Selecting a channel in Google

The system will prompt you to select the channel account (if you have several) and/or the channel you want to apply for. Next, Google requests permission to connect to your Mediacube Pay service channel:

1.2.2. Application result screen

After selecting the channel you want to apply for and allowing Mediacube Pay to access it, the system will process your channel and display one of the possible application results:

1) The application for joining the network has been sent

Your channel meets the minimum requirements for our network and you can submit a request for this channel. The terms on which the revenue will be distributed and the general terms of the Studio platform can be read in the checkboxes. After applying, you will go to the Studio account.


2) Expecting the development of your channel

Your channel does not meet the minimum requirements for joining our network. You can apply later, when the channel gets the necessary outreach, directly from the Studio cabinet.


3) Insufficient rights to apply

The application can only be submitted by the main owner of the channel, and the system has determined that the main owner at the moment is another user.


4) The application has already been rejected

The application has already been rejected for reasons related to the channel's content; most likely, the channel's content does not meet the requirements of the YouTube community.


Submitting an application from the Studio account

To apply from the Studio account, you must first be registered in Mediacube Pay. To do this, go to http://pay.mediacube.co/ and register (the process is very similar to the one described in point A 1.1). If you are already registered in Mediacube Pay, the process will be as follows:

1.1. Logging in to Studio

1.1.1. Logging in to the Mediacube.Network app

Find the "Mediacube.Network" app in Mediacube Pay (in the Quick Access bar or in the "Stacks" tab) and go to the app.


1.1.2. Consent to the transfer of your data to Studio

On this screen, you grant Studio access to your Mediacube Pay account.

1.1.3. Acceptance of the Studio public offer

Here you agree to the terms of the public offer of the Studio account (consent to the terms of the offer is required once, after that you won't have to do this). When you click on "Log in to Studio", you will go to the account. In the future, if you are logged in to Studio, you will be immediately taken to your account when you click on the "Mediacube.Network" app in Mediacube Pay.


1.2. Options for applying from the Studio account

1) When you first log in to Studio

When you first log in to Studio, you will be immediately prompted to apply. When you click "Allow” you will proceed to the application process (p 1.2 " You are logged in to Mediacube Pay”).


2) The "Join" button in the Studio main menu

You can always apply for any channel via the "Join" button at the very bottom of the Studio main menu.


1.3. Other buttons for applying

On the Home page, you can see all your channels that are connected to Studio. When selecting channels that are not connected, buttons/blocks with “Join/Add a channel" buttons may be displayed (or “Join again” for channels that were previously recognized by the system as not meeting the minimum requirements and a certain amount of time has passed).


After submitting the application, our managers will review it within 1-5 business days. The answer will be displayed in the studio, and will also be sent to your email. In case of refusal, the possible reasons will be listed:


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