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Audit and optimization. Launching Google Ads advertising campaigns

Last update: 25.02.2021

Our YouTube analysts can help you get more views on your channel via several processes:

Video optimization - compiling metadata for videos for them to get search results with certain thematic key queries and get a chance to appear on the Recommended page on the YouTube platform.

Channel audit - examination of YouTube Analytics data of the channel, content, and design analysis. Searching for weak spots in the channel’s figures, and finding solutions to address them. It is provided in the form of a presentation with detailed data and figures.

Advertising campaigns on Google Ads - launching targeted video advertising.

How do we help mediacube partners launch advertising campaigns?

Launching advertising campaigns is extremely individual. How much money should you invest in ads? How many subscribers will you gain because of it? How many views will it help you to get? It’s hard to estimate an exact value of a click, a view, a subscriber, but we will help you to choose only the best variants of advertising campaigns.

In order for us to launch an advertising campaign for you, write to your personal manager and describe the video that you want to advertise. We’re going to need your analytics so that we can suggest you the best advertising schemes. A minimum advertising budget that we can work with is 50$. But the more the better :)

We’ve made a presentation for you with a step-by-step guide, where we described and showed in detail what you need to do: watch it here.

All the further work on Google Ads will be carried out through your personal manager.

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