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How to get a verification badge

Last update: 15.01.2021

In order to highlight the authenticity of the channel on YouTube, the platform issues the verification badge. Let us tell you how to get it.

To get a badge, the channel must meet the following criteria:

  1. Audience over 100,000 subscribers

  2. It belongs to a specific creator, public person, or brand

  3. It doesn't have valid warnings about violations of the community guidelines and terms of use

  4. It has all design elements: banner, description, icon, and content. It should also be active.

What does the badge do?

Functionally, nothing. The badge simply makes the channel stand out from the rest, and also helps since a channel without a check mark can get lost among other similar channels. The presence of a badge does not mean that your channel will not receive yellow icons, claims, or strikes.

My channel meets the criteria for getting a verification badge. What's next?

Fill out the form on this YouTube help page. If your channel meets the criteria, you will have a "Submit" button in the "How to apply" section. After that, your application will be reviewed by YouTube specialists.

IMPORTANT: consideration of channels for verification takes quite a long time. This applies to all channels without exception. There are no specific deadlines for consideration of applications yet. Therefore, we ask you to be patient.

If you have any questions or can't apply for verification, please contact us. Perhaps the answer to your question is already in the YouTube help.

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