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How to get a YouTube Play Button

Last update: 15.01.2021

When you reach a certain number of subscribers, YouTube gives the creator an award in the form of its famous logo, in other words, a  play button.


At the moment there are 5 types of awards:

  1. Silver Play Button: for channels from 100 thousand subscribers

  2. Golden Play Button: from 1 million subscribers

  3. Diamond Play Button: 10 million subscribers

  4. Ruby Play Button: 50 million.

  5. Red Diamond Play Button: 100 million subscribers.

Besides subscribers, there is a number of requirements for the channel, the main ones are:

  1. Do not have valid warnings about violations of community guidelines and copyrights.

  2. To comply with YouTube's terms of service

  3. Publish mostly original content.

A full list of requirements, frequently asked questions, delivery process, and customs duty information can be found here.

I got 100,000 subscribers. How do I get the silver button?

When you reach the desired number of subscribers, your Creative Studio should receive a notification that you can receive a YouTube award. In the message, you will find a special code that you will need to enter on this portal to order the button: https://reward-redemption.appspot.com/enter-redemption-code

But don't rush to sound the alarm if your channel has just gained 100,000 subscribers and you still haven't got the code! After you reach the required number of subscribers, YouTube is obliged to check your channel for compliance with all the requirements for receiving the button. Verification can take up to 3 weeks. If the code doesn't appear in the Studio within 3 weeks, please contact us. We can check with YouTube what's going on.

For more information about getting the button, see the YouTube help.

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