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mediacube.id rebranding

Last update: 30.06.2020

More than a year ago, we launched mediacube.id system, a profile system that have provided mediacube creators with a new and unique experience that no other partner program could offer. Users received the ability to manage their finances, withdraw them whenever they want, in any amount, and to any payment system they like. Later, we introduced Express payments, which reduced the period for receiving money earned on YouTube from 30 days to only 2.

And now we are ready to take a new step: transform mediacube.id into an ecosystem for creators all over the world. An ecosystem where they will receive income not only from mediacube, but also from other companies aimed at content creators. They will be able to collaborate with other creators and achieve success together as well as purchase software and content for their creativity.

That is why we decided to rename the mediacube.id system, while the name of the partner network will remain the same - mediacube. Starting July 1, 2020, we will begin a gradual transition from “mediacube.id” to “Ezzy”.

From the new name of the platform, you can understand our mission and goal: to make creators' business safer, more transparent, and more convenient. For companies, we strive to make working with authors faster and cheaper, and for developers, make it easier to create apps.

Rebranding is not a radical change in the system, but a change in our approach to the user experience. We will keep all the functions and services that are in the system now, but now we'll improve them and add others and simplify the workspace.

And in order to fully experience the new open approach to creators, we offer to take a look at the new opportunities that we are currently working on, and express your opinion on whether you need them specifically:

And in order to fully experience the new open approach to creators, we suggest reading more about the new features in the system and sending your feedback on the Ezzy page.

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