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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Last update: 07.06.2022

MC Pay is an advanced financial management solution. Your account stores your money, personal data, and transaction information. To ensure security, we have developed strong profile protection. All users must verify their email, pass KYC verification, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

What is 2FA

Two-factor authentication is one of the most reliable and modern ways to protect your profile. When logging in after entering a password, the user goes through another verification step. That is, it additionally confirms that they are the owner of the account.

Most often, in addition to the password, you need to specify a secret one-time code. It is obtained through:

  • SMS messages,

  • email,

  • code generation apps,

  • hardware generators,

  • pre-created code lists.

The main task of 2FA is to protect data from cybercriminals. To log into an account, scammers need to get access not only to the password, but also to the phone, email, or list of codes. And this is almost impossible. Therefore, payment systems, large banks, and serious services are increasingly implementing 2FA..

2FA in MC Pay

Once 2FA is enabled, you need to confirm your account login in two ways. The first is entering a password or authorization through a social network. The second is entering the secret code from the SMS that we send to your phone number. Without access to the phone, it is impossible to log in, and it is much more difficult for scammers to get into your account.

In addition, 2FA can warn you about a hack attempt. If you receive a message with a code that you did not request, this means that someone is trying to log into your account. Change your password and check for any suspicious activity on your profile.

How to enable 2FA

Before enabling 2FA, make sure you have a verified email and KYC verification. These are mandatory steps to protect your account. You can confirm your email and pass verification in Settings.

There is also a Security block in Settings. It contains two-factor authentication..

To enable 2FA, we must be sure that the request is made by the account owner. Therefore, you need to enter a password or log in through a social network.

Next, you need to link a phone number to your account so that messages with codes come to it. If you haven't done so, enter the number and wait for the SMS. In Settings, you will see that the number is verified. It is visible only to you and is needed to work in the system.

Once the phone number is confirmed, we can enable 2FA. Now, when you log in, you will receive an SMS with a secret code.

Backup codes

When you enable 2FA, we give you 6 backup codes. If you don't have access to your phone, you can still log in to your account using one of them. Each code is valid once.

Backup codes are only given to you and only at the moment 2FA is enabled. So be sure to copy and save them in a safe place.

How to disable 2FA

You can disable 2FA in Settings, Security block. But remember that you will not be able to withdraw and transfer funds without two-factor authentication. Yes, 2FA requires additional login steps, but it guarantees the safety of your money, transfers, and data.

Thank you for your responsibility!

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