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Payment methods

Last update: 08.10.2020

We offer such payment methods as: Capitalist, PayPal, QIWI Wallet, Payoneer, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, bank cards*.

Take a look at these methods and pick one you found the most suitable for you.

1) Capitalist. 0% commission. You can register in the link: https://capitalist.net/?lang=en

2) Yandex.Money. The minimum threshold is 1 cent, the maximum is $230. The commission is 2%.

3) QIWI Wallet. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $2, the maximum is $200. The commission is 2%.

4) Transfer to bank card (ecommpay). Commission - 1,2% + 1 EUR. Commission for Russia - 2,20% +30 RUB. We recommend withdrawing money in USD, because any other currency will be converted from USD at a rate that is changing every day. 

IMPORTANT! This payment method is unavailable for USA residents.

5) Bank card*:

Commission for transfering to Visa and MasterCard worldwide is 2,5% + 4 USD. Commission for tranfering to Union Pay is 2,5%. Minimum threshold for funds is 14,25 USD, minimum threshold for credits -15 USD, maximum threshold - 2 000 USD. Maximum monthly threshold - 50 000 USD.

The restriction for the cards issued by Russian banks are as follows: the minimum payment threshold is 2 USD (100 RUB), the maximum is 1000 USD (75 000 RUB). The commission is 2,5%. Daily maximum threshold is 4610 USD (300 000 RUB), monthly - 9220 USD (600 000 RUB). Payment currency to Russia issued cards is only Russian ruble. 

If you withdraw an amount that is less than 800 RUB, your commission will not be 2,5% of the amount, but 2,5% + 25 RUB. Therefore, it makes sense to withdraw 800 RUB and more to not overpay for the commission.

For Ukraine issued cards of PrivatBank the commisison is 0,9%. For other Ukraine issued bank cards in UAH the commission is 2,5%. Ukrainian bank cards in USD have the commission of 3,5% + 4 USD.

*By choosing the “Withdraw to Card” method, you risk to get additional commissions and conversions. Examine carefully all the available methods of payment, and perhaps you will find something more suitable.

1. The transfers are issued only to credit cards - Visa / MasterCard / Union Pay.
2. Do not transfer to bank cards in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Latin America, the countries of the Caribbean Region and to the Crimea.

6) PayPal. We transfer to PayPal only in USD. The minimum payment threshold is $25. The commission for users from the USA is $2 + 2%, but not more than $3. For recipients outside the United States there is a commission of $2 + 2%, but not more than $22 per transaction or not more than the amount in the local currency equal to $22.

IMPORTANT! If you choose PayPal as your payment method we will send you an invitation to register in the system of our PayPal provider - Tipalti. Fill out your data in the system very carefully. If you fill out incorrect data and the transaction gets cancelled because of it, the commission for the incorrect transaction will not be refunded to you. Please be carefull when registering in the system! 

7) Payoneer Bank Transfer or Debit Card. Minimum threshold is 20 USD. You can register via email.

The minimum amount is $20, there is no maximum threshold, a fixed commission is $3, regardless of whether the amount to withdraw is $20 or $1,500.

8) Bank/ SWIFT/Wire transfer - transfering money to a bank account.

Commission: $50 (fixed, does not depent on the sum of money).
Minimum threshold: $300.

IMPORTANT! Your bank might charge additional commission.

9) Webmoney. The commission is 2%.

10) Payments to mobile network carriers Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2. Commission for tranfering money to a mobile phone number is 1,8%.

11) Payments to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) и Tether (USDT).

Commission for transfering to Bitcoin - 0,002 BTC.
Commission for transfering to Tether - 0,25%, but no less than 4 USDT.  After the transaction is created the money is converted from USD to USDT with 6,5% commission. 

For relevant rate of cryptocurrency exchange contact our customer support.

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