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Express payments and tariffs in MC Pay

Last update: 04.07.2022

YouTube pays money to creators once a month. But in MC Pay, you can receive the money earned for the day immediately to your account. This is called express payments.

How express payments work

The system studies data from YouTube analytics and calculates the creator's income for each day based on them. And it starts crediting it daily to the creator's account in MC Pay. This money is called loans because Mediacube pays them out of its own funds, as if loaning money to the creator.

On the 26th of each month, YouTube makes a payout, and MC Pay makes recalculations so that the creator receives exactly as much money as they earned.

"I just connected my channel to MC Pay. When can I expect the first payout to my account?"

Express payments begin to be credited to the account three days after connecting. These three days are needed to get channel data from YouTube and start calculating approximate revenue for each day.

How to use express payments

Express payments are enabled by default for creators who meet the minimum requirements for express payments.

Express payment tariffs

MC Pay has two express payment tariffs: "Flexible payments" and "Daily Payments". The "Flexible Payments" tariff is enabled by default.

How the "Flexible Payments" tariff works

"Flexible payments" make it so that the earnings for the day are immediately credited to the MC Pay account. But the money does not go to the funds, but to the general balance. There is no tariff commission. But it will appear when you want to use this loan money. The commission will only apply for the amount that you have decided to use.

How the "Daily Payments" tariff works

"Daily payments" make sure that the earnings for each day go directly to the funds. With each transfer, the tariff commission is automatically withdrawn and it applies to the entire amount of transfer. But it is lower than in "Flexible payments".

Which tariff should you choose

It all depends on how often you use express payments.

The "Flexible payments" tariff has a higher commission, but it applies only to the amount that you wanted to use ahead of time.

"Flexible payments" are suitable for those who are used to withdrawing money once a month and only sometimes withdraw some amounts in advance.

The "Daily Payments" tariff has a lower commission, but it applies to the entire amount of the tranfer, regardless of whether you used the money ahead of schedule or not.

"Daily Payments" are suitable for those who prefer to spend earnings from YouTube right away. For example, for daily expenses.

How to switch tariffs

The tariff can be changed with one click inMC Pay on the "Balance" page. You can switch tariffs as many times as you want and as often as you need it.

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