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Express-payments. Obligations

Last update: 14.03.2022

Express payments or obligations is a new system of payments to creators, which gives even more opportunities for managing income. This is a unique service that only mediacube implements: you can withdraw money from your account every day without waiting for Google reports. Money is credited to the creator from Mediacube Pay Stacks applications (vendors) at any point in time, even if the payment is not due soon. Nominal value of Obligations in the system is Credits, the number of which is displayed in the Balance card in the corresponding field.

Before you understand how express payments work, let's define the basic concepts.

Balance is the amount of funds available to the user of the Mediacube Pay system at a given time, consisting of funds and credits.

Funds are the amount of money actually earned and received from YouTube for advertising and paid features on channels owned by the user. These amounts are calculated based on monthly YouTube Reports.

Credits are the amount of funds that the Mediacube Pay user can use at the moment, but it is not yet supported by a real money transfer and is only 95% of the projected earnings. Credits can be used with the commission offered by the application (vendor or company).


How it works

App owners in Mediacube Pay Stacks (vendors) charge the money earned by the creator (Funds) to their Mediacube Pay balance. This can be payment for advertising campaigns, cooperation, or any other payments. If the creator needs the funds as early as possible, the application will be able to make payments in advance, if necessary, while retaining a certain percentage of the commission.

That is, the company has an obligation to pay the user the money by some time, but at the same time, it can give the opportunity to withdraw it before that. This means that the vendor will take on Obligation and will offer to withdraw money in the form of Credits.

When the time comes for a real payment, the company will recalculate the Credits to the Funds, taking into account the amount used as an advance.

For example, the company must pay the creator $200 after 2 months. It can take on Obligation and allow the user to withdraw this money at any time. Thus, the creator will have 200 credits, which they can withdraw with a specified interest.

If by the date of the actual payment, the creator used 170 credits out of 200, then the amount of accrued funds will be equal to $30. If the credits were not used, then the payment from the app will come in full.

You can set the form and commission for your credits. More info in the article on tariffs.

How can I use the Obligations (for tariff Flexible payments)?

Credits are the nominal value of the Obligations in the system, their number is displayed in the Balance card in your Mediacube Pay account. To request a withdrawal, click on the "Withdraw" button on that card.

If you request a payment, but the Funds come a little short of the amount you want, the balance will be withdrawn as Credits. Since they can be provided from different applications under different conditions, their commissions are summarized. Details on the terms of each vendor are available in a click.

If there are enough Credits for the total amount of only one company, then the offer with the most favorable conditions will be used. In case the commissions are the same, Credits from the company that offered them earlier will be withdrawn.

At the time of creating a transaction for withdrawal (i.e. a request) of Credits the company's Obligations are fulfilled. The request will reduce the number of your Credits, and in the Transactions the operation itself will be marked as "Fulfillment of obligations" for a certain amount. If this transaction is canceled for any reason by one of the parties, the money is returned to Funds, and not to Credits, with the commission still deducted. In the future, you will be able to withdraw the returned funds as Funds without the commission.

Attention! The commission is charged for the implementation of Obligations, not the procedure for withdrawing funds from Mediacube Pay, and it's non-refundable.


How do I find out the app's commission?

Finance tab > Obligations section. There is an icon next to each offer that shows the percentage. Green icon means low commission, yellow – medium, red – high. Here you can also see if you will be paid in advance, since here you can see the available offers from the services. If you have a debt to the company, then you will see it here.

Also, in the Finance tab, you can track the money flow, all financial transactions of the account, only instead of the Obligations section, you need to select Transactions.


Write to us if you have any questions!

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