Cooperation with Advertisers

Last update: 06.11.2018
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In addition to being YouTube multichannel network MediaCube provides creators with ad campaigns worldwide. 

Do you deliver original and qualitative content on your YouTube channel or other socials? You simply must try yourself in advertising!

What benefits will you get?

  • Additional income and possibility to get brands' products for free;
  • You subscribers can get early access to products, services and discounts and also participate in contests. 
  • Partnership with brands strengthens your authority and provide the opportunity for career growth outside of YouTube


What types of branded content are the most popular?

  • purchases report;
  • lookbook (non-intrusive demonstration of the products on yourself. In this case a creator mentions brand's name and where can viewers buy a dress/sneakers, etc.);
  • sketches;
  • gameplay filming;
  • unboxing.

How popular a channel should be to attract brands? 

The beauty is you don't have to be a super-famous creator to attract brands. The more important are such factors as the quality of your content and its type. 


If you are interested just let us know! You will get additional revenue stream with us, saving your time, and we will guarantee quality of all project implementation stages. You might know that this revenue stream can be 10 times bigger than your Adsense revenue. So, give it a try!.

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