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VidIQ Pro

Last update: 04.08.2020

VidIQ Pro is a service with a set of useful tools for creating the most suitable names and descriptions, and for selecting all the necessary tags. mediacube partners use VidIQ Pro completely for free. You can find VidIQ Pro in Ezzy dashboard.


The VidIQ Pro features:


All your data is on one page now (no more endless clicking on links anymore)


You can see the keywords for each video on YouTube (using the Chrome vidIQ extension)

In-depth analysis

View the social activity for all videos in addition to information from YouTube.

...and that’s not all! Join and learn all the features of this service ;)

If you have any problems accessing VidIQ Pro, write to our managers:

Write to support via VKontakte

Write to support via Facebook

Write to support via Telegram-bot

Send chat message on site

E-mail: support@mediacube.network

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