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mediacube.network Manifesto

Last update: 07.07.2020

mediacube.network is an international YouTube partnership program that cooperates with the largest and the most influential companies of the world like Google, YouTube, Dailymotion, Pladform and many others. We support YouTube creators, deal with digital content publishing and connect advertisers with influencers.

Our creators can be confident that our team will provide them with support and help solve any question concerning YouTube. Individual approach is mediacube.network's top priority. Each creator gets unique proposal which will work for his content specifically.

Our best investment is support of creator's creativity growth. Learning materials, access to all necessary services and tools, full assist and promising collaborations will assure success to bloggers. mediacube.network doesn't stand still: we are always online and looking for new win-win collaborations as well as for new ways that will be effective for each channel.

We can offer what other companies will not: worldwide contracts, multilanguage communication and high-quality result

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