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Regularity of video uploads

Last update: 15.01.2021

What is the most suitable time to upload the videos and whether you should follow a certain timetable of your publications?

Let’s go!

If you are reading this topic, it means you have decided to improve your channel and earn money on it. That’s great. If you know the idea and specialty of your channel, you are on the half way to success. Now you just need to make some efforts and everything will be fine.

So, the frequency and the time when you download your videos depend on the main theme of your channel. If you are just starting out, we advise you to find a big channel, which is similar to yours and analyse its data. Pay your attention to time and frequency of video uploads.


Needless to say, that if you want to make money, frequency of uploads is incredibly important. Make a plan of video publishing in a separate document. If your channel is entertaining , you’d better upload videos 3-4 times a week minimum. If it is educational -  2 times a week minimum, but do not forget to allocate the topics so that not to run out of them in the pursuit of views.

When the topic of the video is complicated and you need some time to prepare it, you should do your best to make the video keep the audience as long as possible, ideally at the level of 70%. In this case the quality can make up for the quantity.

Also do not overload the audience with the content. If you upload the videos too often (for example, several videos a day), your subscribers won’t manage to watch them and your efforts will turn out to be in vain.

As for the day of the week, we should say that according to statistics, educational videos are usually watched during weekdays and entertaining ones are watched at weekends.

The most optimal time or the so called prime time doesn’t exist. YouTube Analytics can help you here. Be attentive with the statistics and learn to understand the figures.

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