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YouTube Guidelines

Last update: 09.10.2020

Taking into consideration the recent events on YouTube we’ve decided to make an article about community guidelines that you mustn’t violate so that not to have problems with YouTube.

As it has turned out, there are many such rules and unfortunately sometimes it’s difficult to interpret them correctly and what is more, put them to use.


  1. The first guideline concerns materials of sexual character. It means that you mustn’t publish pornography, erotica, videos with the elements of violence, fetishism and humiliation. The exception is educational and scientific videos, you should consequently state in the metadata that they are educational or scientific. Well, you can publish something “spicy” , but you’d better restrict access of underage people to the video by yourself. If YouTube finds out that you haven’t put the necessary mark, at best you’ll get demonetised, at worst - your video will be deleted and you will get a warning.
  2. The next guideline is connected with dangerous content. Here they mean videos that provoke violence and can lead to serious traumas and lethal outcome. It means that you mustn’t speak about how to rob a bank or make a bomb at home. Such videos are possible just in news context or documentary context and should be grounded.
  3. The 3rd guideline is connected with discriminating statements and hatred. What do they mean? You mustn’t call for violence or hatred towards a certain group of people. For example, concerning racial, national, religious identity, disability, sex, age, war veteran status, sexual orientation and gender identity. Nobody forbids you to express an opinion, but it should be done always carefully and correctly.

The most update info you can find here. 

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