How our network works

  • What is MediaCube.Network?

    MediaCube.Network was established in 2015 but our story dates back to 2012 when MediaCube Production company was founded. For many years our team has provided topnotch...
  • For how long will the agreement last?

    The agreement is signed for 1 month period and is prolonged automatically. So it's a no lock-in agreement. So the partner can leave the network at any time with one month...
  • What is the revenue share?

    Our typical revenue share is 80% to a partner and 20% to the company.
  • How can I contact MediaCube managers?

    MediaCube support is an entire ecosystem where not a single question is lost. We want every author to have the opportunity to communicate with our team through a...
  • MediaCube.Network Manifesto

    MediaCube.Network is an international YouTube partnership program that cooperates with the largest and the most influential companies of the world like Google, YouTube,...
  • How to remove your Youtube channel from mediacube.id account?

    If you want to remove your Youtube channel from mediacube.id account or delete your entire mediacube.id account - contact your manager or one of our support managers. MediaCube support is almost everywhere! E-mail: hello@mediacube.network Chat rooms in social networks and messengers: Facebook VKontakte